For the Mining Industry

MiningLMS is a learning management system designed for the mining environment. Our cloud-based solution acts as the central hub for the delivery and management of training and competencies.

MiningLMS works either alone or with your existing hands-on training to create a blended learning approach - making your training more standardized, effective, and objective. It provides your trainees and trainers with career-long access to your vetted learning resources and training support. It provides deep insight into the training process, with metrics and analytics for oversight and continuous improvement. MiningLMS helps you implement the most professional training approach possible.

With MiningLMS

Your workforce can:
Access courses and complete assessments,
anytime and anywhere.
Your trainers can:
Easily run and manage online courses.
Assess and grade trainees with exams and evaluations.
Your administrators can:
Track course progress and assessment results, and receive advanced analytics and reports to identify issues before incidents occur.
Manage and update course content, certifications and course requirements in one central location.

Features and Benefits

Anywhere, anytime access.

MiningLMS is hosted online and can be accessed in connectionless environments, allowing your workforce to train anytime and anywhere at their convenience, even with limited internet connectivity. Employees and move seamlessly back and forth between self-learning at home and on-site at a remote mine, and are presented with the exact same training experience and interface regardless of their location. Training materials, assessment activities, management reports and analytics are always available, highly responsive and reliable.

With the freedom to train wherever they want, whenever they want, your workforce can engage better with content. Give trainees, trainers and administrators 24/7 access to the materials and support they need.

Training and assessment insights

How can you be sure your workforce has the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs safely?
MiningLMS gives management insight on what employees know with advanced reports and analytics:

  • Track which courses have been completed across your organization and manage certifications.
  • See what knowledge is being acquired quickly and what is being acquired slowly.
  • Spot trends that indicate weak areas to be improved upon, before an accident happens.

Together, these tools and reports provide the insight necessary to identify areas in need of improvement and the understanding necessary to effect those improvements. This insight is critical in helping to identify and close gaps in knowledge - thus ensuring safe operations and excellent performance.

Intuitive administrative tools

MiningLMS engages the entire organization and provides administrators with simple, but powerful course and user management tools. Course content can be updated from a single location, quickly and inexpensively, while feedback tools give the entire learning community (trainees, trainers and administrators) the ability to participate in content maintenance. MiningLMS gives administrators control over highly flexible and customized roles and permissions, and intuitive course and user registration tools greatly reduce their workload.

Complete company branding

In addition to customization to match your organizational structure, MiningLMS can be designed to match your company's branding and "look and feel". From displaying your company logo and using brand colours to interface layout and corporate terminology, your corporate identity will be fully represented in the system and help with user adoption and engagement,

Future-proofed Technology

MiningLMS was designed was designed specifically to be future-proof: our system is highly adaptable and can easily accommodate future requirements. MiningLMS consists of a flexible core infrastructure that supports a set of modules: no matter how needs change in the future, our software can adapt to it.

Content Neutral

MiningLMS supports nearly any type of content: pick and choose learning materials from different providers depending on your organization's training needs. We work with content providers to give you access to the best courses and training resources available.
Use MiningLMS to digitize your training environment, including health and safety regulatory courses, equipment-specific materials from manufacturers, and your own company-specific policies and handbooks.

Discover how MiningSLS can transform your training delivery and management today.